Custom Spiral Staircases

Accentuating Home Aesthetics and Flexibility with Custom Iron Spiral Stairs

Staircases are fundamental structures for the dynamicity of your house. Aside from its obvious functionalities, staircases can also be an aesthetic addition to a home. Installing a spiral staircase can add elegance and character. Dream Ironwork has been specializing in custom stairs, spiral staircase assembly and manufacturing since the early 2000’s. The functionality and practical application of a spiral stair set  can fully maximize small compartments as a requirement. Also, a metal spiral staircase is not only for a sturdy framework, but it can also offer dramatic upgradability to your place in terms of styling and flexibility.

At Dream Ironwork we offer an array of custom stairs/custom spiral staircases:

Custom interior spiral stairs open up floor space in the home, while being a splendid visual space saver. We use locally supplied steel for construction, options of cast iron knuckles, decorative and other options available. If wood accents are of interest, we are able to work with customer materials provided and customize too accommodate.

Custom exterior spiral stairs are built to last and offer a unique curb appeal to your home’s exterior while not sacrificing deck, patio or walkway space. Our product is constructed from top quality materials and the highest rated powder coating paint process for wear and tear on the market.  Also, aside from our signature spiral structure stairs, we also offer an array of designs from curved, to half-turned and more.

Our custom iron spiral stairs are made with strict attention to durability but this never interferes with the beauty — this is one of the many features that make our brand unique. Aside from its sturdiness and visual designs, we guarantee the utmost longevity for our products due to the powder coating methods and with proper maintenance and handling, your metal spiral staircase will last a lifetime!


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