Iron Designs


Metal Pergola

At Dream Ironwork, we understand that no two individuals are the same, so we work hard not to compromise anyone’s vision. The best way to make sure everyone is getting exactly what they want is by offering our clients custom iron designs that entice.

Backed by years of industry experience, working with wrought iron was a clear choice. It’s strong, yet highly malleable, and fibrous, yet aesthetically pleasing. The word “wrought” is a past participle of “to work”, and it really does. It is a material that has been used throughout centuries of Western history, and so naturally gives designs a more traditional feel. We are lucky to have a team that is as passionate about their work as they are skilled, and we know that our clients can expect no less. We take an immeasurable level of pride in our work and are a reliable solution for fences, railings, staircases, gates, indoor and outdoor furniture, gazebos, pergolas, decorative items and more.

We utilize this section for creativity, some of our ornate or custom orders will range from attaching to updating existing metal railings, revamping a metal fence, to patio furniture that stands the test of time, we do it all! Although we’re happy to start from scratch with every client, we’d love to help you put life back into aging or weathered items as well. We offer repairs, reproduction & manufacturing, laser cutting, as well as replacing; every order is customized and tailored to your vision.


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