Juliet Balconies

Juliet Balcony

Juliet Balcony railings are one of the most interesting solutions for balconies, dating back over two thousand years to Ancient Greece, the Juliet balcony at that time served as more of a functional use for things like managing climate or natural lighting. However, it wasn’t until Shakespeare’s Romeo was courted by Juliet on the balcony, that it would be referred to as the Juliet Balcony. They can make the room look more spacious and create the illusion of a spacious balcony from the outside. Juliet Balconies are usually narrow in design and are focused on enhancing the safety of French or double doors or windows that open inwards and are potential fall hazards. Our customers’ safety is our number one priority when it comes to constructing our Juliet balconies, we pride ourselves in taking special precautions and measurements to ensure the balcony is mounted securely to any surface.

We have plenty of different designs to choose from. Whether you are into the avant-garde, classic, or sleek modern styles, we have the right Juliet Balcony for you! To maximize the design of the Juliet Balcony railings’, the railings can be made from any of our pickets, knuckles and castings you see in our railing section.

Make your house stand out with the elegant and stylish Juliet Balcony railings from Dream Ironwork


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