Iron Railing

Iron Railing

A staircase or balcony are only as safe as their railings. Our team is dedicated to building sturdy bannisters with iron railings that don’t falter under pressure. Wrought iron or iron railings have a much higher resistance to fatigue, and we closely follow safety regulations to make sure, and feel confident that we are providing our clients with something that they can stand behind and be supported by.

The use of iron railings can be traced back to the 1700’s (1710-1714), the first recorded railing made of iron was for a Cathedral in England. It was two hundred tons and originally was to be made of cast iron before being revised to a wrought iron railing. Over the years to follow fabricators like the Davies brothers of Wrexham have been creating more and more ornate designs, some of which are still admired to this day and were built in the 18th century! However, this has caused some confusion around the term iron railings, which has evolved into a general term. Due to the weight of wrought iron and cost we try to only utilize it in components of our railings which may consist of wrought iron, cast iron, forged iron and steel; depending on the design, decorative items and other structural requirements.


We are confident in the quality of our designs, and work closely with you so that your vision can become a reality.

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