Custom Iron Stairs

Custom Iron Stairs

Custom iron stairs or metal stairs can be fabricated to look modern, vintage, or industrial as well as be used interior or exterior. Dream Ironwork makes each metal staircase according to the dimensions specific to your home, patio, deck or any other area where you want a custom iron staircase. We use wrought iron, forged iron and steel for the structural integrity and depending on the decoratives cast iron is also utilized. Our designs will be sure to follow government regulations and guidelines without sacrifice to design, so you can be confident in the security and integrity of our metal stairs. Not only do we ensure the highest level of safety with our designs, but it is important to us that our stairs are as striking as they are functional. A staircase should combine functionality and appearance, we at Dream Ironwork specialize in doing just that, also we understand the importance or focal point your custom stairs will end up being so no detail is overlooked.

Our custom iron stairs can be found all around the Niagara region and surrounding areas; industrial buildings, local businesses’ as well as residential, all of which can be utilized interior or exterior.

Find a wide range of designs from the spiral to curved, half-turned and more.

**NOTE: Our photos are broken up into design category, number and style**

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